Handmade Pasta

May 2, 2012 § 2 Comments


I confess: Pasta is a neverending topic in my collection. Simply :  I love it.  Pasta is one of my food passions since childhood. I love to use handmade as well as pasta available at markets, fresh or dried, filled like ravioli or shaped in a neverending  variety. A small collection of them? Here – in a small collection available as Prints You may buy. All of them available of course as RFL License works and series as well (Have a look in my stockagencies or don’t hesitate to contact me).

The one image  above is one of my handmade pasta. It’s been in a little series of shots: Pastawellen hausgemachtSommerliche Tagliatelle and Tagliatelle verde

All of my food works are “life objects”. There’s my recipe, there’s the time to cook it, to serve it – and a little moment of time only between cooking and serving it to shoot it. Anything You see in my portfolio is made for eating. Above all. Foodshot is only a side effect and side act. Hot food is to be served still hot after the shooting. Ice cream is to be shot and served before smelting. Easy principle. You have to be well organised. But I’d disgust any waste of food, only prepared and done for the shoot – instead of for the purpose of eating and eating it after the shooting with the pleasure food should be and spend, daily. Any minute You are concerned with food, however You are “working” with it professionally or simply for Your daily food.

This one of my pictures above had been part of a slideshow at the Photokina at Cologne as a “visit card” for worldwide photography community. (Yes, THAT’s been pleasure³XXL³, too for me…….). But it’s already a favorite world for many clients before, not only since that time: For a number of publications and prints, but also online, illustration for menu cards of restaurants or websites about Italy, Health, Food, for blogs….and…as You see here as a little eyecatch at the web of  Fabbrica Italiana.

You might also feel appetized at the website of “Lübecker Nudelkontor” here. (Please scroll down there)

Available here. And here.

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