Pellkartoffeln de Luxe : Fit For Fun

May 2, 2012 § 3 Comments


This one of my images is another small example for the principles I already told here: Nothing’s only made for food shoot here – I shoot the things served  here.  Whether as daily food or for guests or family. This one had been part of a series with potatoes.(Examples from the same series are this one, that one, here another one, as well here and there (yes….. my  more than 15 years hard job doing pressure cooker)

I love potatoes. 1001 ideas to cook and diversity of recipes for them. Since I was a child I use to pick one of them hot and eat them only with a pinch of salt. And perhaps a little butter for lunch. Potatoes, butter, salt, perfect. Give some chives to it – and the lunch is complete.

Anything else is allowed. As creamy cheese, salad, cucumber, herbals like dill, parsley and more. Or fish, frutti di mare, cheese, meat….whatever.And of course it’s fun and pleasure pure to be creative with recipes and food photography with salmon as well.

Here as  add on for the shoot had been a salmon topping, which – of course – is not the daily food. 😉 As I said: favorite is Potatoes, salt, a little butter and….herbals. But that ‘s destiny of food photographer – sometimes You are forced to eat salmon.  Hard job, ….. but there are worse jobs…. I confess….;-)))

Fit For Fun..(another one of Hubert Burda Media web portals) …….likes potatoes and salmon too, as this impression and a recipe added to it, may show. Funny again to see the recipes You often find where You meet Your food works again: The recipe is not mine – I’d not use “Ofenkartoffeln” as a convenience product, because I prefer fresh potatoes for that purpose. But targeting the readers of a journal or users of web recipes portals, publishers and magazines use recipes with convenience of course, too. That’s part of the business. Exception? Depends on the magazine, the publisher and target of readers. Country Cuisine is a nice exception. You’ll see. In another one of my posts during the next weeks.

The image of this little potatoe lunch  is available here as RFL –  also for You.

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