Foot-Steps and Foot-Prints

May 6, 2012 § 5 Comments

One of the works, “running” and “running” and leaving Foot-Steps and Foot-Prints  in the world. As Book Cover and more.  It’s been a part of a series from this shooting and the idea had been the metapher of “step by step” , upstairs, downstairs, stopping for a moment, hesitating, perhaps as a moment of doubt, missing courage for next step – free associations for anyone looking at it. Might they touch professional decisions or personal situation and conflicts. Therefore it’s been obviously perfect choice for the following example.

From time to time my works run a carreer as cover for books or magazines. This one is another one of such examples, illustration for an  autobiography of  suiss author Stéphane Labri.

Another one  of the works had   been bought for an interesting topic here. Illustration for an article concerning problems of children going to school in situtation of illegality, migration aspects and more. (Please click at it to see)

And whether last nor least here another one more:

An example published in Germany, which took part as illustration in a project at Kompetenznachweis International, Handbuch für Qualifizierung und Praxis, S. 64,75. That one is an example for a very well done way to work with a mix of pictures and design in my eyes. And an interesting report, too. Please read more about it at : IJAB – Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V. , Godesberger Allee 142-148, D -53175 Bonn – http://www.ijab.deKompetenznachweis International, Handbuch für Qualifizierung und Praxis, S. 64,75

Most of all I love that image due to a very personal reason. And person. Leaving his own footsteps and footprints in the world.  Following only at first glance the §§ footsteps and footprints of “another one” – but with his own way how to do.

In case You should be interested in buying a RFL license for this one or other works from the same series like this or that one, please look here for more information. Or please send me a mail with Your questions?

Step by Step © Liz Collet

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